Youth brazilian jiu jitsu

Starting at a young age, children need to enhance their sense of self, improve their physical health, and practice ways to evaluate danger and enhance their safety. When a child or teen faces a physical threat, such as a bully, they need to understand how to evaluate the situation and prevent injury to themselves.

In addition to learning to defend oneself, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s values, principles, and art set a foundation for discipline, focus, confidence, and a growth mindset for both children and teens.

Learn about our programs

Little Braga
(ages 4-7)

This program provides a fun, safe, and thorough introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for littlest members. In this class, we teach basic techniques while building confidence, focus, physical and motor skill development. Examples include basic self-defense, tumbling, safely falling, etc.


  • Practicing discipline and focus
  • Learning self-defense foundation
  • Physical activity and motor skill development
  • Building self-esteem, courage, and confidence
  • Friendships with boys and girls of various backgrounds

Junior Braga
(ages 8-13)

This program provides a fun, competitive, yet friendly foundation for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for junior members. In this class, we will build on the basics while introducing submission holds, supervised sparring, and when to apply techniques both on and off the mat.


  • Practicing discipline and focus
  • Learn to control anxious energy
  • Expanding on the self-defense foundation
  • Building confidence, resilience, and tenacity
  • Becoming comfortable in the uncomfortable